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Please everyone unfollow this url and follow my new one this will be the last time I’ll ever be on this account

ruesoldat: [ You're really improving, great job! ]

;//u//; t-thank you!!*hugs*

theenglishloki-deactivated20140: awe, ive missed your voice, if that program dun work out for you i can get you photoshop :)

ASDFGHJKL OMFG I LOVE YOU but the program so far hasn’t let me down! :D

Got a new program and I’m ready for requests again!
Anonimo: *Gives you a kitten and runs off*

WHAT WAT WHYYYY?!?!??asdfghjk

rain-mirror: Honey, you are neither weak nor useless. You just have to be determined to change how you see yourself. It's hard work, I know. I used to hate myself. I used to cut. I thought I was ugly and worthless. I decided to change my self image. It's hard.

I’m sorry bby ,I should be the one comforting you Q-Q

rain-mirror: I started by picking something I liked about myself everyday. Always something different and I wrote it down. And when I felt down, I would read what I wrote. "I have pretty eyes. I stand by my friends. I'm good at comics" Everyday SOMETHING positive

What I like about is my eyes?

welcome people

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